Your Guide How to Fix Drains

Your Guide How to Fix Drains

If one sink, tub, toilet, or shower is draining slowly or backing up, you probably have a clog that is specific to that fixture. But if you’re experiencing problems affecting more than one fixture, the main drain may need to be cleaned, or you may need underground drain repair.

How to Fix a Cracked Sewer Pipe

A cracked sewer pipe causes a lot of problems from unbearable odors to drains that won’t allow water or waste to drain. If you’re in need of underground drain repair, you’ll often know where the cracked sewer pipe is because you’ll see water seeping out of the ground in the area, accompanied by a terrible odor.

Investigate the area and use a shovel to dig up the ground around the leak. Sometimes you can discover the problem with just a single hole. From there, you can often use a drain pipe repair sleeve to repair without having to replace the entire underground pipe. If you can’t tell where the problem is, it’s best to call in professionals.

Drain Pipe Repair Sleeve

Using a drain pipe repair sleeve is a trenchless pipe repair method that allows you to repair a portion or all of your sewer pipe without excavating the ground, pulling up the pipe, and replacing with an entirely new pipe.

How to Fix Broken PVC Pipe Underground

If you can locate the location of the broken PVC pipe, you can dig around the area, cut the PVC pipe on either end of the break, and replace with a new piece. For most homeowners, this is not a natural process and does not go as smoothly as you would expect! Call in the professionals for underground drain repair services as incorrectly doing the repair work can cause more damages and problems long term.

Underground Pipe Repair Without Digging

Modern drain repair solutions involve trenchless pipe repair that allows you to fix underground pipes without digging up the entire lawn. It costs about 50% less than a full excavation and replacement. Professionals will locate the problem and dig a small hole on either end. Then, the pipe can be relined and repaired without having to pull out the old pipe first.

Repair Corrugated Drain Pipe

If there is a leak in a corrugated drain pipe, you can dig up the leaking section, cut out the broken section of pipe, and replace with a corrugated elbow fitting. Push together and fill in your hole.

If this underground drain repair guide seems to require more plumbing skills than you currently have, call the Cheap Plumber in Toronto.