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Signs You Need Trenchless Drain Repair

If there are any disruptions on your property or in your home, then drain trouble could be the problem. In many cases, it can be difficult to determine what the problem may be, or even if there is a problem at all. Just make sure not to leave a damaged drain without repair for too long as it might end up costing you more to have it fixed.

One of the more crucial issues that can be dealt with when it comes to draining damage is having to tackle on a collapsed drain. This plumbing disaster demands immediate attention once spotted and requires underground trenchless drain repair in Toronto. Not everyone knows how to figure out the reason of a damaged drain, or if their drain has even collapsed, which is why we listed signs to help you know what to look for.

Signs of Dampness

If you are one of the unfortunate ones to have a collapsed drain, you may notice damp spots within your home, most commonly found on the walls or floor. This is because the flow of water is being disrupted. This can result in water flowing and sinking into the ground that surrounds the drainpipe. It is vital that you find the source of the dampness to prevent further damage. If this issue is neglected, the damage to your home will continue.

Poor Drainage

The unexpected drop in the performance of your drains is typically the first indication of a damaged drain. A blockage is usually identified with slow or substandard drainage. What many do not know is that a collapsed drain shows similar signs as a blockage. Blockages can be created by a collapsed pipe. This means that you will need to fix the pipe after the blockage is removed from to completely determine the drainage problem you are being faced with. Any signs of these plumbing issues should be addressed with a call to a professional immediately.

Sewage Backups

Let’s say that your drains are backing up frequently. A collapsed drain is most likely the cause. Depending on how bad the damage is, along with blockages and sewage, backups are to be expected. If you become aware of your drains backing up on a regular basis, then you are dealing with a collapsed drain. This can be confirmed upon inspection of your pipes by a professional.

Cracks and Structural Damage

There is always a worst-case scenario, and you need to be informed to prevent it. There are some cases where the drainage pipe is located at the structural points of a property. This is when cracks appear. Cracks can be seen along floors or even up the walls. The only reason why this may be happening is if a collapsed drain was left in ruin for a considerable amount of time. Yes, it is a very expensive fix. I am sure you have noticed cracks in a driveway or underneath the foundation of a garage. This indicates that the drain runs underneath the concrete. Before you attempt to repair the cracks yourself, have the entire situation inspected because these cracks will only appear again over time if the collapsed drainpipe is not repaired.

Sewage Smell

If you have a bad odor coming from your drains, you may have a damaged pipe somewhere on your property. It is common to smell sewage outside and inside of the house. The cause of this odor is due to backups and blockages in the pipes. It is important to regularly clean these pipes, but if that is still not helping with the smell that it is probable that you have a collapsed/damaged pipe that has not been identified yet.


The most obvious indication of a collapsed drainpipe is when the ground around this drainpipe sinks over time. This also declares that the pipe has been damaged for some time now. When water is leaking from a pipe into the ground and the soil around it, then subsidence is generated. Over time, an indentation, or slump, in the ground will be evident.

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