Your home’s plumbing system brings fresh water into the house and carries out used water and other materials.

Even though this system is dependable and has been thoughtfully constructed, all it takes is one mistake to produce expensive plumbing situations such as flooding and water damage.

Our plumbers are among the most experienced and knowledgeable in Mississauga, and they all have licenses and insurance policies via our company, Cheap Plumber.

Cheap Plumber Mississauga

When you need a repair done on your plumbing, you can rely on the services of the Cheap Plumber business to get the job done correctly and keep your home safe!

Commercial Plumber Mississauga

Experience is important to look for when selecting a plumbing firm to do commercial work in Mississauga. Cheap Plumber is a company that serves the plumbing needs of commercial and residential customers in Mississauga and the surrounding areas. Call us for any of your commercial plumbing issues!

Since time is money in the business world, commercial plumbing jobs demand the services of a company that one can rely upon to do the task correctly on the first try. You can put your faith in our professionals to ensure the work is completed per the regulations and without any costly delays, regardless of whether it’s a restaurant, an apartment complex, an office building, a church, a school, or a shopping mall.

Residential Plumber Mississauga 

Have trouble with the plumbing in your Mississauga home? It is time to contact an experienced plumber in Mississauga to assist you with your property. Cheap Plumber of Mississauga, Ontario, has skilled professionals standing by and ready to assist you. We have the skills, tools, and materials necessary to complete the task successfully from the very beginning! 

Our local plumbers in Mississauga are responsible for all home and commercial plumbing services in Mississauga, including installation, maintenance, and repair work. No challenge is too great for our group to overcome, and we always get the job done the first time perfectly. We don’t just offer short-term remedies; rather, we go over and above the requirements set by the industry to ensure that the entirety of your plumbing system is operating smoothly and effectively.

Plumber Rates Mississauga

Customers in Mississauga have access to various qualified plumbers who charge different prices. The average cost of hiring a plumber for an hour often ranges from $200 to $300. If the job is straightforward, a plumber may charge a reduced cost for the first hour of service and a reduced rate for each subsequent hour worked. On the other hand, if the service is more complicated, you may have to pay a larger initial price and a greater amount for each extra hour.

Your total cost will increase if you require more items, such as pipes or bathroom fittings. The final tally will depend on the type of service rendered, the amount of money spent on the materials, and the amount of time it took to finish the task.

The price tag may escalate if the plumber arrives on the scene and discovers that more work is needed than originally anticipated. For instance, something meant to be a straightforward installation of a toilet can contain broken parts or issues with the line, both of which would necessitate working beneath the home or digging up some pipes outside. This type of work might be segmented into multiple jobs, each of which could get independent bills. Because the plumber worked on three different tasks simultaneously, the hourly fee originally quoted for one job at $31.50 now becomes triple. 

Drain and Plumbing Services in Mississauga from Cheap Plumber 

Cheap Plumber offers a comprehensive selection of home and commercial plumbing services, including the following:

Drain Cleaning: Cheap Plumber can handle any drain cleaning for clogs or back-ups, no matter their location in your home, from your sink, toilet, and to your shower. Don’t let a minor problem snowball into a large headache by ignoring it.

High-Pressure Water Cleaning: Hydro-jetting is a service that uses high-pressure water to clean pipes and ensure they do not become clogged. It’s an excellent service for new homeowners who would like to give their plumbing system a strong foundation to anchor.

Leak Repair: Cheap Plumber can assist you with all your residential or commercial leak repair requirements, including but not limited to leaking faucets, burst pipes within your walls, and more. In addition to our other plumbing services, we repair water lines, fixtures, and other plumbing-related components in Mississauga.

Sewer Line Repair: A broken sewer line can emit an offensive stench and leave your property with irreparable harm. With the help of our hydro-excavating and sewage line repair services, the plumbers at our company can fix or install a new sewer pipe in your home.

Hot Water Heaters: The water heater in your home is an essential component of the structure. Cheap Plumber can provide repair services for water heaters and installation services for new water heaters, including electric and tankless models.

Preventative Maintenance: There is no better way to cure a problem than to avoid it in the first place, which is why preventative maintenance is so important. Your plumbing system can continue to function normally with the help of our preventive maintenance program inspections and services.

Video Inspections: Inspections might be an essential step when buying a new home or trying to pinpoint the root of a problem. Video plumbing inspections are available from Cheap Plumber, covering water, sewage, and downspout lines.

Water Treatment Systems: If you have any plumbing issues such as bad-smelling water, cloudy water, or water that leaves rust stains behind, call Cheap Plumber. We can either install a new household water treatment system or repair and maintain the one you already have.

Renovations in Plumbing: Whether you need assistance replacing a fixture in your bathroom or kitchen, are interested in pipelining, or require a plumbing company to renovate your house or place of business, Cheap Plumber is here to assist you.

Mississauga Plumbing Service Area

We will be glad to provide a service across all Mississauga areas: 

  • Applewood
  • Central Erin Mills
  • Churchill Meadows
  • Clarkson-Lorne Park
  • Cooksville
  • Credit View
  • East Credit
  • Erin Mills
  • Erindale
  • Fairview
  • Hurontario
  • Lakeview
  • Lisgar
  • Malton
  • Meadowvale
  • Meadowvale Village
  • Mineola
  • Mississauga Valleys
  • Port Credit
  • Rathburn
  • Rockwood Village
  • Sheridan
  • Streetsville

Trust our Mississauga plumbers with your plumbing system today! To make an appointment with us at Cheap Plumber, call 416-951-2777.