Drain and Plumbing Services and Prices

Plumbing Services:

Installing Skirted Toilets in Condos300$

Wall-mounted and electric toilets Call us to get free quote

Install New ½” *3/8″ Shut-Off Valves Or 1/2″*3/8″ (For Toilets, Sinks, Ice Makers, Humidifiers)180-250$

Installing New ½” Shut-Off Valves150$ and 180$ in Condos

Installing New 3/4” Shut-Off Valves 200$ and 250$ in Condos

Installing New 1” Shut-Off Valves400$ and 500$ in Condos

Installing New Main 3/4” Shut-Off Valves 450$

Plumbing Related Service Calls (Labor Only) per hour 150$

Rough-In Per Piece Condo 750$ and 1300-1600$ in Condos

Replacement of ½” Galvanized Nipples150$

1/2″ Water Heater Mix Valve Installation300-400$ vs Regular Toronto  price starting from 500$

Underground Waterline Replacement – The Cheapest Cost Per Job in Toronto. Call for an estimate

Drain Services

Drain Video Camera Inspection (Residential)250 $ per branch

Leak/Source Of Smell Investigation (Condos) 180$ (up to 2 hours investigation)

Underground Drain Repair Per Job We Guaranty Best Prices in Toronto. Call for an Estimate!

Underground Trenchless Drain Repair – (Relining Or Pipe Burst) – We Guaranty Best Prices in Toronto. Call for an Estimate!

Waterproofing – We Guaranty Best Prices in Toronto. Call for an Estimate!

*All plumbing fixtures and faucets have to be supply by owners. Price is correct through M-F 7.30 am-5.00 pm. Premium charges will apply for after hours, weekends and hollidays. Parking fee will apply if needed. Cost of the service calls is for the labor only. Price list for Toronto, Mississauga, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Maple and Concord only.

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