New Water Shut Off Valve Installation

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new water shut-off valve installation

Pipes for plumbing installations exist in different kinds and so do shut-off valves. Therefore, one must install a valve that will match the pipes. Otherwise, a poorly fitting connection will cause serious water damage because of leakages that the valves cannot hold back.

The Two Types of Water Shut-Off Valves

Main Water Shut-Off Valve

The public lines ensure that your home receives a steady supply of water. Most plumbing systems include a shut-off valve on the mainline since the water is unpredictable and runs at high pressure. The main shut-off valve is a water tap-like device found beneath the water hose connection and it stops water from flowing from the meter to your entire house.

It would be best if you locked your shut-off valve to switch off the water supply to your house’s plumbing system. It is helpful in different scenarios like when:

  • You have a plumbing emergency. It could be your drain burst.
  • You have your property’s leaks, toilets, and taps repaired.
  • When replacing some parts of your property’s water system
  • When you are planning to be away for a long time
  • You are preparing your property like a summerhouse for winter.

Regular Water Shut-Off Valve

The regular water shut-off valve is a water tap that connects the supplier pipe and distributor pipe and makes it easier to close the water to prevent spillage or leakages. You can install shut-off valves in your laundry room, kitchen sink, bathtubs, showers, toilet, and other sections in the plumbing systems. It helps prevent possible water damage and saves you money during future repairs.

When Do You Need to Replace Regular and Main Water Shut-Off Valves?

You know you need a shut-off valve replacement when you notice drops of water dripping from your drains even after completely closing the main shut-off valve.

According to expert plumbers, you should replace the water shut-off valves when they develop problems. Repairing the fixture once it is damaged is very difficult, and there is no guarantee that it will function efficiently afterward.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Shut-Off Valves in Toronto?

The total cost of shut-off valve installation wholly depends on the type of valve you’d like to use and the quality. There are various types of fixtures available in the market. Many of these valves are cheap and affordable, which is a selling point. However, they are not as durable as you might expect. Eventually, you will shop for a different one. Therefore, you must get a valve from a trusted brand. Examples of reputable manufacturers include Kohler. You can use their valves to connect to the drinking water lines.

Shut-off valves prices will range anywhere between $10 and $30. It is the strength of the material and model of the valve that determines the cost. The shut-off valves are not always expensive. However, what may prove expensive is the cost of installation. For instance, installing a single valve may cost you about $135 to $350, depending on which part of Toronto you reside and the plumber offering the service. The type of valve you install also has a great impact on the price; whether you are installing a main or a regular valve. Finally, another factor is whether the installation is going to take place in your home or business.

The six-valve installation operation will cost you anywhere between $600 and $850, including materials, equipment, and accessories. This may appear to be pricey. However, the ultimate product is well worth the investment. With fully functional valves, your plumbing repairs are often less tasking and less expensive. Also, valves can help you lessen house damage when one of your home’s plumbing fixtures breaks down because you can turn off the water supply and wait till the plumber comes to restore it.

Shut-off Valves Installation Costs from Cheap Plumber

What Does It Take To Replace a Water Shut-Off Valve?

When you want to replace the shut-off valves in your home, or you intend to install a new one, the services of a licensed and reliable plumber are what you need to get the job done successfully. Find out the reasons below:

  • The process involved in installing new shut-off valves requires the cutting of an already existing pipeline, creating threads, installing the valves, and sealing them. The process requires a professional’s services because of their skill and experience. Unless you are a DIYer with that kind of experience plus the right kind of plumbing tools at your disposal, you can’t do the job.
  • Removing the old valves and not damaging the drains in the process requires skill. Damaging the lines will cause rusting and jamming, which are costly to repair. A professional plumber has the expertise to do the job successfully.

A licensed plumber like us at Cheap Plumber offers you a service warranty. That is vital because you get free replacement or repair services if the shut-off valve develops a problem. You need to call them when you notice the issue.

Cheap Plumber Price for New Water Shut Off Valve Installation – from $170

VS Regular Toronto Price for New Water Shut Off Valve Installation$200

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