Installing New 1” Shut-Off Valves

1” Shut-Off ValvesInstalling New 1” Shut-Off Valves in Toronto

Cheap Plumber Price for Installing New 1” Shut-Off Valves is 500$

VS Regular Toronto Price for Installing New 1” Shut-Off Valves) 600$

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Plumbing installation is all about precision. Water has a way of seeping through any vulnerabilities and loose spaces so you need to make sure everything is sealed tightly and securely. This is especially important with shut-off valves as they need to ensure considerable amount of wear and tear on a daily basis. Most people don’t realize that even clean water is quite corrosive and can degrade the valves and plumbing lines over time. A shut-off valve can become structurally compromised overtime and burst under pressure.

Signs That You Need a New Shut-Off Valve

A shut-off valve must stop water that’s moving at full-force through narrow plumbing pipes. This can exert considerable amount of pressure on the valve and cause valve bursts, leaks, and cracks. Here are some signs that indicate you need a new shut-off valve immediately:

  • The valve isn’t able to hold back the full force of water and some of it still slips past the seal. This would hinder repairs and cause water damage.
  • Water drips and leaks from the joints of the valve. This shows that the valve is compromised and needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • The valve doesn’t close or open and is jammed. This indicates that there’s a buildup of rust or the inner mechanism has stopped working.

If you spot these signs, you need to hire a professional plumber immediately to minimize the damage and replace the valve.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

Valve installation is difficult and time-consuming.  An experienced DIY plumber might be able to complete the job in a few hours, but that’s only if they have the right tools and skills. Here are some reasons why you need to hire a professional plumber to handle the job:

  • They’ll know which valves to purchase for the pipes and make sure they have the best fitting one. For example, they’ll install a 1” valve on a 1” pipe and ensure there’s a tight seal. This would keep problems like leaks and water damage at bay.
  • Plumbers know the shut-off valve installation process like the back of their hand so they’ll install a new one without causing any damage to your existing pipes. Valve installation is very invasive and if it’s not done properly, you’ll have to replace the entire pipe. That will add to the expense.

Professional plumbers will double check everything and make sure the valve is installed correctly and wouldn’t cause any problems down the line.

Cheap Plumber Price for Installing New 1” Shut-Off Valves is 330$ and 400$ in Condos

VS Regular Toronto Price for Installing New 1” Shut-Off Valves) 500$

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