Underground Waterline Replacement

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Underground waterlines are often subjected to pressure from the soil above and the movement of water within. While the pipes are built to be resilient and durable, they can eventually develop problems and need to be replaced. These pipes are liable to break, collapse, and even burst, especially if they are very old or made from low-quality materials.

Signs That You Need a Waterline Replacement 

The waterline might be located underground, but you can still easily determine that it has a problem. You just need to look out for the signs mentioned below:

  • No Water Supply – If you don’t receive any water supply to your home but your neighbors don’t have the same problem, it’s likely that your waterline is damaged and needs to be replaced. The pipe might’ve collapsed on itself or developed a severe clog to block the water.
  • Soggy Ground and Water Damage – If the ground above the waterline is soggy and flooded, you can be certain the waterline is damaged in some way. It can be a small leak that has grown overtime or a large hole or crack that has released considerable amount of water in a short period of time.
  • Low Water Pressure – Low water pressure is also a big sign that there’s something wrong with your waterline, especially if your neighbors don’t experience the same problem.

DIY or Professional for Waterline Replacement 

Unless you’re an experienced plumber and have done several replacements and installations in your lifetime, you shouldn’t attempt to perform waterline replacement yourself. This is a very complicated job that requires skills, tools, and meticulous planning. The plumbers need to determine where the problem is and dig the ground to reveal the damaged pipe.

After they’ve assessed the damage, they’ll cut out the ruined section and carry out the replacement work. Some plumbers might even perform trenchless replacements, which is quicker and require less time.

The Cost of Underground Waterline Replacement 

This replacement is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming work so you can expect the costs to be high. Most homeowners will spend anywhere between $350 and $1,400 on repairs though a full replacement will cost much more. Experienced plumbers will charge around $60 to $70 for the project and waterline replacements can take several hours, if not days.

You should get detailed waterline replacements quotes from reliable plumbers in Toronto and plan your budget accordingly.

Cheap Plumber Price for Underground Waterline Replacement – Call for an estimate!