Trenchless Water Line Replacement

Trenchless Water Line Replacement

Wet floors and leaking pipes aren’t pleasant surprises after a long day. It’s surprising how common plumbing issues are, especially if you don’t undertake routine maintenance. The problem worsens when people try to save money by doing their plumbing repairs. The result could be harmful to your property’s water lines. Hence, an expert is required to perform any plumbing repairs or replacements.

A malfunction with your property’s main water lines can cost you up to a thousand dollars. That means digging, mending, re-landscaping, and possibly replacing broken water pipes. Because water pipes have a limited lifespan, you’ll have to repeat the process.

Finding the best answer is crucial. Trenchless water line replacement has shown to be a reliable and cost-effective method of repairing, replacing, and installing water systems. It is a great way to avoid excavation because the plumber can swiftly replace the waterline. You won’t have to worry about additional repairs.

What Is Trenchless Water Line Replacement?

You get a trenchless water line replacement by drilling two holes at the waterline’s beginning and end. You then install the pipe underground by digging a hole with our cable pulling technology. Following this process, the water line links from the access to the property’s plumbing, ensuring a quick and efficient water line replacement with no damage to the property.

Traditional vs. Trenchless Water Line Replacement

The traditional water line pipe repair method is expensive and comes with a short shelf life. Even so, trenchless water line repair is the polar opposite, being both economical and effective in preventing the recurrence of the problem. The installation procedure for trenchless piping is the same as for traditional piping, but the costs associated with this process are less labor demanding and, as a result, less costly.

Furthermore, trenchless replacement pipes have a prolonged expiration date, which implies that they will last longer before requiring replacement. One of the most beneficial aspects of trenchless water line replacement is that it takes a few hours to complete the installation and fixes.

What Is the Pipe Bursting Method?

The pipe bursting trenchless technique is the most effective when replacing complete sewer or water pipelines. It involves threading the replacement pipe through the damaged line and attaching a bursting head (a spear-shaped tool) to the other end, feeding it through the faulty tube using a cable.

The name pipe bursting applies because the spear-shaped head bursts through the existing pipe from the inside while simultaneously laying down the new pipe. This procedure is best for replacing the entire water or sewer pipes.

What Is the Pipe Lining Method?

Traditional pipe replacement can be expensive, and trenchless pipe lining is a fantastic option. Replacement of conventional pipes is time-consuming, costly, creates more clutter, and harms your yard. Since there is significantly less digging, lining requires less time and people to finish. The lining is the process of constructing a pipe inside an existing line. It entails making the pipe of a unique epoxy that retains the sturdiness of a new pipe without causing damage to the current structure or landscaping around it.

It is possible to restore the functionality of deteriorating drains and sewer lines to save both time and money for customers using a pipe liner. Placing the epoxy into existing pipes can repair piping systems and even traverse damaged or removed pipe parts. This long-lasting remedy can address leaks, root infiltration, breaks, clogs, calcium build-up, mold, sewer backups, water damage, and flow capacity.

All You Need to Know About The Cost of Trenchless Water Line Replacement

1. Trenchless Water Line Replacement Costs

The cost for trenchless water line replacement varies depending on your location and the nature of the project. Below is a breakdown of different subcategories.

– Trenchless Water Line Replacement Cost

A regular home’s trenchless pipe replacement costs between $500 and $1500 for trenchless water line replacement.

Trenchless Water Main Replacement Cost

A trenchless water main replacement rate ranges from $500 to $1700 on average.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement Cost per Foot

The cost of replacing a damaged pipe in Canada is between $250 and $500 per foot.

2. Several Factors Affecting The Cost of Trenchless Water Line Replacement:

Your locality:

If you live in a place where the cost of living is high, you will pay more to cover everything, including sewer repair. For instance, if you are a Toronto resident, you will be charged more than someone living in Ottawa.

The size of the pipe:

 As the larger pipes involve more materials, they seem more expensive. But the smaller pipes are more complex and difficult to rehabilitate; hence contractors will charge more to repair a 2-inch pipe than 8-inch.

Pipe’s shape:

If the felt liner used in structural pipe lining has to go through many round-degree bends of 45 or 90, it will get tangled. The damaged pipe will have many twists that will force the contractor to dig other access points, which will definitely increase the charges for the repair.

Position of the pipe

Trenchless methods are less invasive compared to conventional, but a problem arises because it should be dug in order to access damaged pipe. Frequently, regardless of trenchless techniques, a lawn, driver way, or flower bed has to be damaged so as to get to the pipe. Even after this happens, the excavation process is still far less invasive compared to what it will be if the old-school method is used.

Pipe condition:

Condition of the pipe does not necessarily affect the cost of the repair. It depends on the possibility of fixing the damage by use of trenchless technique. In this field, there are a variety of exceptions that you can go after. If you realize that your damaged pipe is back pitched (i.e. water flows back to your home instead of flowing away) or collapsed, the pipe has to be dug inside to replace it.

3. Other Costs:


Before doing any repairs on the pipes, contractors have to do some inspection of the damaged pipe before determining a suitable repair approach. Some of the contractors usually add charges on this, but the others may not charge but work on the work you hired. In some instances, you may find some contractors who do not charge for the inspections.

Too much corrosion or build-up:

For the damaged pipe, a thorough cleaning should be done and prepped before structural pipe lining or spray lining. If the pipe has rusted largely or build-up, then the charges of repairing it will increase.

The number of branches:

All the drainage pipes have either branches or tie-ins. If some part of the pipe has been rehabilitated with pipelining, there is a high chance that the liner will block either on or more than one branch. If such happens, the branches will have to be reinstated after the pipe lining has been done, and this will, in turn, increase the cost of repair.

How Will You Get a Trenchless Water Line Replacement Contractor?

Trenches work is not done by every sewer or a replacement contractor. You will have to be cautious and call around so that you can get a contractor. When you finally get one, you will need to challenge them and ensure they have their own equipment. When you consider this factor will give you the assurance that they are experienced because the tools used to perform the trenches work Is very expensive.

Another important aspect is to ensure that the contractor is insured and also licensed to perform trenchless repairs. You need to read any reviews, inquire from someone you know, and trust if they can recommend their preferred contractor.

Lastly, ensure that you have a written estimate of the time that will be required to complete the work. The description of the repair, materials to be used, all costs and any permits have to be included. This should state whoever is in charge of getting them.

The trenchless water line replacement generally takes a shorter time and is also cost-friendly. When you are looking for an option that will be more budget-friendly with minimal damage to your property, going trenchless is the best alternative. You can call your local plumbing specialists to know all the information regarding trenchless water line replacement.