How Much Should You Pay For a Plumber in Toronto

How Much Should You Pay For a Plumber in Toronto

We often hear these questions: “What are Toronto plumber rates?” or “What is a plumber’s hourly rate in Ontario?”. When searching for a “plumber near me,” you want to know how much a plumber costs. We’ll tell you a plumber’s rates per hour and how to know if a quote for plumbing costs is in line with a plumber’s cost per hour in Canada.

How Much Do Plumbers Cost Per Hour?

You might be concerned when one plumber’s hourly rate seems high and if plumber rates are higher in Toronto. A plumber’s cost in Toronto shouldn’t depend on location — a plumber’s hourly rate in Toronto depends on their full certification. 

A plumber in Toronto or anywhere in Canada should refer to themselves as a journeyman. That means they are professionals in the plumbing field. Any plumbers must be fully certified in Ontario before they can call themselves a journeymen. The most experienced plumbers in Toronto are called master plumbers.

Plumbing companies should charge journeyman plumber rates, and they should provide a plumbing labor price list detailing the cost of a plumber per hour in Ontario. If the company is located in the GTA, the plumber’s cost per hour in Toronto should be for a certified plumber.

But while plumber costs in Ontario should be consistent for journeyman plumbers, the hourly rate for a plumber in Ontario only accounts for their labor. A plumber’s hourly rate in Canada doesn’t include the cost of parts or overtime if the plumber works on holidays or weekends.

So there’s more to it than, “How much is a plumber per hour?”

How Much Does a Plumber Cost in Toronto or Mississauga?

A plumber’s rates in Mississauga should be consistent with those in Toronto.

On average, current plumber rates in Ontario are between $200 — $300 per hour, and you should read their plumbing labor price list.

If your plumber in Toronto or Mississauga is simply installing a new toilet, the plumber rate might be lower. But if your plumbing job is harder to install or repair, it’s no longer a matter of the plumber’s rates per hour. The more hours worked, the cost increases, and if parts are required, that’s an additional charge. 

Here’s a good example:

A simple toilet installation price in Toronto increases significantly if your plumbing contractor finds plumbing issues like leaky pipes or a damaged sewer line. In these situations, a plumbing job quoted at $31.50 per hour turns into three times as many hours to fix, plus the cost of parts.

Plumber Flat Rate Prices vs. Plumber Hourly Rate

Some plumbing companies charge flat plumber rates in Ontario, and flat rates are different than hourly rates for a plumber in Ontario. Flat rates are fixed prices estimated upfront by the plumbing contractor. So, is paying a lump sum better than the standard plumber’s charges per hour?

Remember, a plumber’s cost per hour doesn’t include materials, travel time, or mileage. That means you may get billed for more depending on the complexity of a plumbing job. Another example is a clogged drain that becomes a major problem with your plumbing system.

This is why emergency plumbing services often charge an hourly rate for plumbers in Ontario. Ask your plumbing contractor if they lower their plumber rates when they exceed the hours quoted to do the plumbing job. 

We at Cheap Plumber offer honest and affordable fixed plumber rates in Toronto and the GTA for most drain and plumbing services.

Kitchen plumbing cost in Toronto

What Is the Plumber’s Cost in Toronto for Specific Plumbing Installations?

When looking for a plumber in Toronto, here are cost estimates for various plumbing jobs.

Dishwasher Plumbing Installation Costs

Installing a new dishwasher line is pretty complex. Your installation costs $500 — $800 and $300 — $550 for a replacement dishwasher.

Washing Machine Plumbing Installation Costs

If the electricity and water lines are installed, hooking up a washing machine costs $50 — $200. If you require electricity and water outlets, the cost is $350 — $1,250, depending on the washer’s functions and capacity.

Plumbing Installation Costs for a New Toilet

Installing a typical two-piece toilet should cost $180 — $350. It costs more to install a bidet with more fixtures.  

Plumbing Installation Costs to Replace a Toilet

A toilet replacement costs between $275 — $480, depending on what kind of toilet, and the cost increases if other plumbing issues arise.

Bathtub Plumbing Installation Costs

The average range for installing a new bathtub is between $800 — $1,500, whether it’s a new bathtub line or a replacement tub. It’s important to know all the materials required for the job so that the price is accurate.

Faucet Installation Plumbing Costs

Installing a new or replacement faucet will cost between $200 — $400.

Sink Installation Plumbing Costs

Installing a new or replacement sink will cost between $400 — $900. 

Plumber Rates for Replacement or Repair Services

Here are average plumber rates for plumbing jobs like clogged drains or water heater repair. The cost to repair a plumbing system will vary according to how hard the job is and how long it takes to complete it.

Plumber Costs for a Clogged Toilet Repair

The cost of repairing a clogged toilet depends on the severity of the clogged drain. In any case, it’s crucial to fix it because overflowing toilets are a health hazard. Generally, repairing a clogged toilet with no major plumbing issues costs $180 — $250.

Plumber Costs for a Sink Repair

A clogged sink costs between $200 — $700 to repair.

Plumber Costs for Water Heater Repair

It’s easy to forget your water heater in the basement, but water heater repair bills can be significant. Repairing a typical water heater costs around $950, including labor and materials.

Plumber Costs for Leaky Faucet Repairs

Repairing a leaky faucet now will save you money because that dripping faucet costs you more on your water bills. It’s well worth the average of $350 to fix that leaky faucet now!

Plumbing Costs to Fix a Leaky Pipe

The cost of repairing leaking pipes depends on where the pipe is and how many plumbing fixtures are affected. The average range is $200 — $400, but if the pipe runs through a wall, it may take longer to fix, so the price may rise.

Costs for Sewer Line Plumbing Installation

In Toronto and the GTA, the cost of a sewer line depends on where it’s located and the installation method used. The average price is $1,500 — $4,000, but your situation could be unique.

Plumbing Costs to Unclog a Main Sewer Line

The overall cost to fix a clogged drain problem in Toronto depends on where the sewer line is, how accessible it is to fix, and how bad the clog is. Generally, it costs between $300 — $600 for low water pressure not caused by a major plumbing issue, but a serious plumbing job often takes longer to fix, so the cost goes up.

How Much Do Emergency Plumbing Services Cost in Toronto?

Emergency plumbing services generally cost more, as does a plumber in Toronto who works on holidays and on weekends. 

A fixed-rate plumber might charge a set price of $200 — $300 for a minor plumbing issue after hours. Hourly charges for a plumber in Ontario will range from $300 — $620, and prices for labor and materials cost more for complex plumbing jobs.

Additional Costs of Plumbers Near Me

Hiring a plumber costs in Ontario will include travel time and mileage, and if the plumber needs to pay for parking in your building, that’s an additional charge.

For more serious plumbing issues like a broken pipe outside or a toilet replacement, the law doesn’t require a plumber to clean up the yard or replace the bathroom flooring. Please remember, you’ll have to fix that yourself or hire another contractor. 

Toronto Plumber Rates — Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to know how much a plumber should cost in Toronto is by reading the answers to these Toronto plumber FAQs:

What cost factors affect a plumber’s charges per hour?

The difficulty of any plumbing issue will affect the plumber’s cost. A more complex job requires more labor, and if more materials are required, the hourly cost of a plumber will go up. A plumber’s rates per hour in Ontario don’t include travel or parking costs either. 

Do plumbers near me offer a free quote on plumbing issues?

You can call a plumber in Toronto and ask for a “free quote” over the phone, but getting an accurate estimate for a water leak or low water pressure will be difficult.  

We recommend fully inspecting your plumbing system to get the correct estimate for your plumbing job. It’s always best to know the plumbing issue upfront and not be surprised with a hefty bill for unexpected plumbing repairs later.

Should plumbing companies only offer licensed plumbers?

All plumbers in Ontario must have a Certificate of Qualification (C of Q). If they do not, they should be a registered apprentice working under the supervision of a master plumber. 

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