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The drains in your home or business take constant abuse due to continual use. They’re among the hardest working features in a home or business environment. It’s important to remember that drains can become clogged, whether due to food in the kitchen sink, hair in the bathtub, or large objects flushed down the toilet.

Spare yourself the trouble that comes from making drain cleaning a DIY affair. Our expert Toronto plumbers at Cheap Plumber offer quick and dependable services to eradicate clogged drains at reasonable prices. Don’t let drain issues drain your time, patience, and money.

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What are the common causes of a clogged drain?

Most people carelessly flush things they shouldn’t down their drains. It’s vital to know, though, that some things should never go directly down the drain. Things that can clog drains include the following:

  • Produce stickers: Don’t allow produce stickers to go into your sink, bathroom, or floor drains. They can stick to the inside of the pipes and cause a blockage down the road.
  • Eggshells: What problems can eggshells cause? Once in your pipes, they can create blockages. 
  • Paint: Paints can contain harmful chemicals you don’t want in your water supply.
  • Fats, grease, and oils: Fats, grease, and oils have thick textures that can build up in your pipes and contribute to drain blockages requiring clogged drain repair.
  • Prescription drugs: Medication contains chemicals that can jeopardize the safety of your water supply.
  • Paper towels: When you flush paper towels down your toilet, remember they won’t dissolve. This will lead to blockages that impede the flow of water.
  • Household fluids: Beware of household fluids like car fluids and cleaners that may contain harmful chemicals that adversely impact your water supply.

Signs You Must Call a Plumber for Drain Cleaning Toronto

You should know when it’s time to call a plumber. Are you experiencing stubborn clogs? Do you have damaged pipes? If the answer to either question is “yes,” you need clogged drain repair Toronto. Minor clogs or more severe drain problems, like a blocked drain in a shower or widespread issues in your plumbing network require licensed plumbers. Remember these five telltale signs you need drain cleaning services in Toronto:

Multiple Fixtures Backing Up: 

One sign you have an issue requiring professional help is if multiple fixtures are backing up. That indicates you have a sewer line system problem. If there are issues with your sewer pipe, you could see evidence of this in your bathrooms and kitchen.

Gurgling Noises: 

Hearing strange gurgling noises coming from your drains is a telltale sign air is trapped in your plumbing system because of a blockage.

Slow Drains or Recurring Clogs:

Drains that regularly get clogged or drain at a snail’s pace suggest your plumbing system requires professional attention. A professional plumber can provide clogged drain repair. 

How Do I Prevent A Clogged Drain in Toronto?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, it’s best to prevent clogs rather than deal with them. Avoiding clogs means you should not flush anything other than fecal matter and toilet paper. Don’t flush cotton balls, medications, feminine hygiene products, hand wipes, and diapers. By simply following this rule of thumb, you can avoid plumbing problems.

Why You Should Avoid a “DIY” Approach?

One reason to avoid a DIY repair attempt is that you don’t have the specialized tools or know the professional techniques you’ll get from a reputable plumber. We’ll ensure your home’s plumbing system gets the specialized attention it deserves.

You might be tempted to try a DIY fix with equipment from a local big-box store. But those tools aren’t comparable to professional-grade tools and equipment. Even if you check out online tutorials for DIYers, you could cause more problems than you solve.

Drain Cleaning FAQs

How Long will it take for Drain Cleaning Toronto?

Depending on the extent of a clogged drain, the drain cleaning process can last from half an hour to two hours. Different factors will impact the length of the process, such as the drain cleaning method, the extent of the clog, and the state of the home’s plumbing infrastructure. It usually takes on average of about an hour to do the job.

How About Single and Multiple Clogs?

A single clogged drain might be due to hair or hand wipes in the drain. But if there are multiple clogged drains, your water line might be compromised.

One example of more than one clog is if you do laundry and notice water collecting on your bathroom floor. If multiple drains are clogged and must be repaired or your main line is faulty, the overall cost to correct the problem will rise. But failing to do something could lead to water damage and more damage to your water line.

Why Select Cheap Plumber for Your Drain Cleaning Services in Toronto?

Cheap Plumber has professional-grade equipment, tools, and industry know-how to quickly discern the cause of any plumbing system blockage and get rid of the blockage. We’ll ensure your drain pipe isn’t damaged so that water goes down the drain without backing up or depositing excess water on your floor. Professional drain cleaning service will resolve your problems and ensure your drains work over the long term.

We comprehend the frustration and possible health hazards connected to drain blockages. Our transparent and honest pricing policy means you know the cost of clogged drain repair or cleaning upfront. You won’t get a nasty surprise when you get the bill. If requiring emergency drain cleaning Toronto, we also offer same-day quality services.

Let Cheap Plumber Fix Your Clogged Pipes 

Cheap Plumber Plumbing of Toronto is a highly regarded plumbing service provider. We offer clogged drain repair Toronto and prioritize offering great customer service. Our professional clogged drain repair services ensure professional results to eliminate even the most persistent clogs. We offer the following:

  • Quality Assurance
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  • Advanced Technology
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You can count on Cheap Plumber for reliable plumbing repairs delivered by licensed plumbers. We use professional-grade tools, and our trained plumbers have a customer-centric approach to exceed your expectations. 

Drain Cleaning Services in Toronto and GTA from Cheap Plumber

Cheap Plumber offers professional drain cleaning services for all of your plumbing needs:

  • Drain Cleaning Services in Toronto
  • Drain Camera Inspection in Toronto
  • Drain Installation & Repair
  • Drain Repair Services In Toronto & The GTA
  • Drain Replacement
  • Drain Maintenance
  • Clogged Drain Services in Toronto
  • Commercial Drain Cleaning Service in Toronto
  • Hydro Jetting Services In Toronto And The GTA (sewer pipes and weeping tiles)
  • Video Drain Inspection
  • Drain Snaking
  • Flex Shaft K-9 204 Drain Cleaning, Dry Shaft Drain Cleaning
  • Flex Shaft Roots Cleaning, Flex Shaft Roots Cutting
  • Power Wash Sewer Lines, Power Wash Weeping Tiles

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Cheap Plumber offers the solution if you’re struggling with stubborn clogs and problems with drainage systems. Our licensed plumbers have the latest technology and skills to fix and maintain your plumbing system, which can prevent future issues and expensive repairs down the road.

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