Cast Iron Pipe Descaling Toronto

Why Cast Iron Pipe Descaling Is So Important in Toronto and the GTA

Do you live in an older home in the GTA, or do you own a business or a rental property that is now more than 40 years old?

Many properties built in the 1970s, 1980s, and earlier have cast iron pipes. If you haven’t heard of cast iron pipe descaling, we have the information you need to maintain your drain and sewer pipes for longer and potentially avoid huge repair bills.

What Is a Cast Iron Pipe Descaler?

As a preferred cast iron pipe descaler in Toronto and the GTA, we can explain why the descaling process is often the safest and most effective method of cast iron pipe cleaning.

Professional cast iron drain cleaners know that descaling cast iron can be delicate. We also know which methods that supposedly keep your drain clean can actually damage your system beyond repair.

Why Is Pipe Scale Such a Problem?

It might not sound too harmful, but scaling in cast iron drain pipes can become a huge problem if a professional drain cleaning service doesn’t deal with it.

When unwanted materials like nasty debris build up in any drain pipes, that’s pipe scale, and you can notice the situation getting worse when you experience slower water flow or foul smells.

It’s Time to Call for Professional Drain Cleaning Services

A build-up of pipe scale can lead to serious damage that requires expensive drain repair or even a full replacement of your plumbing system if a pipe bursts or water main cracks.

Another troubling sign is leaky pipes or water flowing too slowly when faucets are on. At this point, it’s wiser and far more affordable to descale your pipes and sewer lines than risk much more expensive damage.

Does Cast Iron Pipe Require More Descaling?

Descaling cast iron is more necessary than other types of plumbing because cast iron pipes rust more frequently.

Cast iron pipes became the most popular type of plumbing system in older homes because of their durability. When cast iron pipes are repaired or properly maintained, they can last for up to 100 years. 

Rust Is a Big Problem in Cast Iron Sewer Pipes

When rust occurs in a cast iron plumbing system, it makes the inside of the pipes stickier, allowing damaging iron oxide and magnesium salts to build up inside the walls of the cast iron lines and drain pipes. 

Cast Iron Pipes Deteriorate Faster Without Descaling

We have years of experience in cast iron descaling in Toronto, and we’ve seen plumbing systems that should last up to 100 years fail a lot quicker because they weren’t maintained properly.

A drain clean descaling is your most affordable option, followed by a drain pipe repairing service if necessary. Anytime a new sewer line needs to be installed, it’s always the most expensive fix.

What Does the Descaling Process Entail?

A cast iron pipe descaler can efficiently and affordably prolong the life of your cast iron plumbing system.

You should always trust an expert in drain cleaning services to perform cast iron descaling. We check the health of your plumbing system and recommend the best method to clean your cast iron without causing any damage.

Soft-Bristle Method of Descaling Cast Iron Pipes

Older cast iron plumbing systems often require a more delicate drain cleaning method. We recommend physical descaling using soft abrasive bristles that rotate on cables and can extend through the length of your pipes.

This method doesn’t require the high pressure of other methods, which minimizes the risk of damaging older cast iron pipes.

Hydro Jetting Method to Clean Cast Iron Pipes

Hydro jetting uses high water pressure to blast away nasty debris built up inside your cast iron pipes, removing the “pipe scale.”

Hydro jetting uses such high pressure water that it’s best for newer cast iron pipes or other plumbing systems that aren’t prone to cracking. It can also be less effective on stubborn build-ups caused by rust. 

Chemical Descaling Can Seriously Damage Cast Iron Pipes

Professional cast iron pipe descaling in Toronto should never involve harsh chemicals poured down your drain.

Not only are chemicals potentially dangerous, but using harsh chemicals in cast iron can actually make rust and corrosion worse and damage your system beyond repair. 

When you need cast iron pipe descaling in Toronto, trust us to do the job safely and right the first time!

How Long Does Cast Iron Pipe Descaling Last?

A professional drain cleaning service generally lasts just under two years. 

Depending on the age and health of your cast iron pipes, the recommended time between each descaling cleaning service is usually 18 to 22 months. 

Can Cast Iron Pipe Descaling Help Me Save Money?

Any safe drain cleaning service done by a licensed plumber can extend the life of your plumbing system and save you money on drain repair and replacement.

We can help you compare the costs of pipe descaling versus relining your cast iron pipes or replacing your whole plumbing system. If your cast iron system is still healthy, professional pipe descaling can help it last longer for less.

Is Cast Iron Pipe Descaling Really Safe?

Descaling cast iron pipes with a soft-bristle tool is much safer than potentially damaging your plumbing system with high-pressure hydro jetting or drain snaking.

Our plumbing professionals can inspect your system and advise if high-pressure cleaning methods might damage your older cast iron pipes.

What Other Drain Cleaning Services Do We Provide?

In addition to our drain cleaning service, we handle all kinds of plumbing issues you might encounter, including the safe and efficient removal of tree roots or other obstructions that can crack your drain or sewer system and cause serious damage.

Depending on the age and health of your cast iron plumbing system, it can last between 60 and 100 years when it’s maintained properly, with regular pipe descaling and other minor drain repairs completed if necessary.

Cheap Plumber Is Your Cast Iron Pipe Descaler in Toronto

The best descaling process for your cast iron plumbing system in Toronto and the GTA is never a DIY job using a harsh chemical cleaner.

If you’ve never had your cast iron sewer pipes descaled and have noticed a slow draining of water or a foul smell, trust us for inexpensive drain cleaning services that will save you money and help your plumbing system last longer.

Cheap Plumber’s friendly team of licensed plumbing professionals is happy to answer your plumbing questions and solve your problems. 

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