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Cheap Plumber offers top-notch drain pipe replacement services throughout Toronto. We specialize in fixing rusted, damaged, or outdated cast iron drain pipes. 

It’s a good idea to contact Cheap Plumber for professional drain pipe replacements at reasonable prices. In addition to excellent service for your plumbing problems, we are committed to environmental responsibility in removing old cast iron.

Sewer pipes in any home or property installed before 1970 are likely cast iron piping. 

If you’ve been searching online for “how to repair a cast iron pipe” or “how to repair a leaking cast iron pipe joint,” contact us from anywhere in Toronto or the GTA—we are ready to help!

The Basics of Cast Iron Drain Pipe Repair

Many older homes and businesses in the GTA have cast iron plumbing systems like a cast iron stack and cast iron piping. In the 20th century, cast iron drain pipes and sewer pipes made indoor plumbing a reality. 

21st-century plumbing services include cast iron sewer pipe repair. If you need to repair a cracked cast iron pipe, we have the expertise and equipment to fix piping systems, whether slow drains or sewer backups. We can also advise whether a cast iron pipe repair sleeve is a temporary fix before replacement.

The Benefits of Cast Iron Drain Pipe Repair

A cast iron sewer or cast iron drain pipe may seem old-fashioned. 

However, modern cast iron remains easy to install, versatile, fire-resistant, and cost-effective. It is still used in commercial plumbing, just like cast iron pans in the kitchen.

Cast iron drain piping generally lasts from 40 to 100 years, and Cheap Plumber knows that cast iron pipe repair in Toronto, or cast iron stack repair, can be the most cost-effective plumbing project. 

Some plumbing problems, such as tree roots or poor soil conditions around cast iron pipes, impact their lifespan. Sometimes, a cast iron stack replacement is necessary.

Cheap Plumber’s expert team of experienced technicians specializes in comprehensive cast iron drain pipe repair in Toronto. We fix plumbing problems based on the following:

  • Where the cast iron pipes were manufactured
  • Drain pipe slope for the most efficient installation
  • The placement of the welded seam during installation
  • What chemicals have been used in the drains, and when?

Full-Service Cast Iron Drain Pipe Replacement

Cheap Plumber Toronto offers a full-service program to repair cracks in cast iron pipes. 

Our plumbing service is comprehensive, and our techniques are sophisticated but cost-effective, so you get more than just a temporary repair sleeve for cast iron pipes.

Cast Iron Pipe Inspection and Assessment

We begin by evaluating the condition of your cast iron pipes to identify plumbing problems like corrosion, cracks, or blockages. You’ll receive our detailed recommendation on how we will repair your cast iron pipes right the first time.

Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

When cast iron repair is impossible, Cheap Plumber is your expert for cast iron pipe replacement and a seamless transition to the most resilient PVC or HDPE materials. 

We guarantee the highest-quality products and modern installation to ensure your new plumbing system is durable and efficient.

Another plumbing problem is hazardous Polybutylene (Poly-B) pipes. Cheap Plumber specializes in replacing cast iron and Poly-B pipes for long-term reliability and peace of mind.

Cast Iron Pipes

Addressing Cast Iron Pipe Challenges

Cheap Plumber Toronto understands when old cast iron pipes need to be replaced, and we will explain how alternatives like ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) materials can offer more corrosion resistance and a longer lifespan.

One example is a slow drain or more serious sewer backups in cast iron pipes. Because old cast iron has a “rough surface” inside the piping system, debris often sticks to the pipes, leading to blockages.

Because cast iron is metallic, rusting is more common from the inside out. Cast iron stack replacement becomes necessary when “pinholes” develop in above-ground plumbing, and cast iron pipes often rot into larger holes below ground.

When you notice rusty spots on exposed cast iron piping or small amounts of water around your floor drain, don’t wait! Please call Cheap Plumber for professional drain pipe repair in Toronto and the GTA.

Toronto and GTA Drain Pipe Replacement Service Area

Cheap Plumber Toronto delivers outstanding plumbing services to our valued homeowners and business owners in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area of Mississauga, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Maple, Concord, York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York, and East York.

If you are experiencing these plumbing problems, Cheap Plumber is just a phone call away:

  • A cast iron stack needs a replacement
  • Cast iron sewer pipes need repairs
  • A cast iron pipe joint is leaking
  • Cracked cast iron pipes need repair
  • Tree roots are damaging cast iron pipes

Can your old cast iron pipes be restored to work efficiently for many more years? Call a Cheap Plumber, and our thorough inspection and assessment can give you the answer. 

Why Cheap Plumber Toronto Is Best for Your Cast Iron Drain Pipe Replacement

We can tell you how reliable and trusted we are as your plumbing service provider, but Cheap Plumber can also give you many reasons why we’re considered the best!

Fixed Pricing for Cast Iron Pipe Repair or Replacement in Toronto

Cheap Plumber offers a fixed price upfront. You won’t encounter any hidden fees once the job is completed.

Over 30 Years of Experience and Expertise

Our insured plumbers use the most modern equipment to perform drain pipe replacements precisely and efficiently. 

We have decades of experience and expertise, and Cheap Plumber is constantly updating to exceed current standards in the plumbing industry.

Comprehensive Plumbing Services and Five-Star Customer Service

Cheap Plumber Toronto is fully experienced in practically every plumbing problem, including the very specialized plumbing service of cast iron drain pipe replacement. 

Our five-star service means we treat your home or property with respect and care. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cast Iron Drain Pipe Replacement

Cheap Plumber holds a distinguished record for professional drain pipe replacement services in Toronto and the GTA.

We are plumbing experts dedicated to fair prices. Our environmental commitment also makes us the go-to choice for plumbing services, and if you need more proof, check out the FAQs below.

When should I consider replacing my cast iron drain pipes?

Cast iron drain pipe replacement is a wise move when you begin seeing corrosion or leaks. 

Suppose your cast iron pipes clog frequently, or you think your old cast iron needs to be updated. In that case, the Cheap Plumber experts offer inspection and a professional assessment on whether a cast iron stack replacement is the best decision.

How long does cast iron drain pipe replacement take?

The time needed to replace cast iron drain pipes or sewer pipes is calculated based on the length and location of pipes and other specific factors. 

Cheap Plumber Toronto always provides our customers an estimated timeline once we complete your initial consultation. 

What are the benefits of replacing cast iron drain pipes?

Cast iron pipes continue to serve their purpose in modern plumbing systems. Still, there are multiple advantages to replacing cast iron drain pipes with contemporary materials like PVC or HDPE, which offer greater durability and corrosion resistance.

The advantages to your home or business include an improved flow capacity, a reduced risk of leaks and blockages, and an extended lifespan of your plumbing system. 

Don’t let corroded cast iron drain pipes compromise your plumbing system!

For expert, affordable restoration of old cast iron pipes in Toronto and GTA, call Cheap Plumber at +1 (416) 951 2777 today.