Bathroom Renovation Cost in Toronto

A full bathroom renovation in Toronto costs $5,000 to $13,000. However, your contractor rates often depend on different factors. So it is not constant- which is why the cost can go below the 5,000 dollar mark or above $13,000.

You want to jump right in whenever you are prepared for your bathroom renovation. You can’t wait to see the bathroom’s new look. But don’t get too excited yet. You want to ensure that the bathroom renovation costs are within the set budget so that you do not hurt your financial goals.

At some point, we have all been guilty of overspending, especially when we decide we want quality. Unfortunately, it can also happen when remodeling your bathroom space. That’s why we’ve designed this guide for you about bathroom renovation costs in Toronto.

Average Bathroom Renovation Cost in Toronto

The typical bathroom in Toronto measures around 80 and 100 square feet. According to projections made by the National Kitchen and Bath Association in 2016, this should set you back approximately CAD 11,364, which accounts for both the cost of materials and labor to complete the task.

When you begin thinking about the bathroom space, among the first things you should consider is what to modify:

  • Are you planning a comprehensive overhaul of the space? 
  • Do you want to install a new shower? 
  • Do you want new cabinetry? 

Each service you want has a specific cost, accumulating to form the final price. Let’s look into this further:

How Much Does Bathroom Demolition Cost?

Demolition work, consisting of tearing up the walls and floors of the bathroom, is the first step in a big bathroom renovation. The process takes a few days to complete. Then, a professional plumber comes with bins to dump all the trash. In Toronto, a demotion will cost you an average of $1,200 CAD.

How Much Does Plumbing Work Cost?

When you are remodeling your bathroom, you want the services of a certified plumber. They’ll connect your water pipes and install fixtures, like the sink, toilet, or shower.

If you do not move the position of the existing drain and water fittings, you can save cash on this project. In Toronto, plumbing repairs and installations cost an average of $2,300 CAD.

How Much Do Wiring and Lighting Cost?

A professional plumber does wiring before they complete the walls. The placement of the wires and outlets is determined by the bathroom design.

At Cheap Plumber Toronto, we work with you to select light fixtures that match your bathroom style. However, if you intend to install fixtures like pot lights, you want to install electrical subpanels. Wiring and lighting cost an average of between $1,900 and CAD$2,200.

How Much Does Installing Tile Cost?

Most custom-built homes in Toronto have tiles on the flooring and walls of the bathrooms. That is because tiles require very little care and remain in good condition for decades. All this is because tiles are not susceptible to water damage. 

There is a wide selection of tiles to pick from, and the typical cost of purchasing tiles and tile installation is from $3,000 to $4,000 in Canadian dollars.

How Much Do Bathroom Fixtures Cost?

The prices of showers, bathtubs, and toilets vary from brand to brand. For example, the cost of a toilet set can range anywhere between $250 and $500 on average. So you could spend up to $2,500 on bathtubs and showers. In Toronto, the cost of a complete set costs $2200.

How Much Do Vanities and Cabinets Cost?

Cheap Plumber Toronto installs expensive custom cabinetry. However, like most of our clients, you will get value for your money. For example, the cost of a single sink vanity in the mid-range category is approximately CAD 800, while a single sink vanity in the high-end range is approximately CAD 1,300.

Tips to Reduce Bathroom Renovation Costs

If the municipal office allows it, you can lower the expense of renovating a bathroom by keeping the wiring from the previous bathroom design.

To minimize the costs of the plumbing work to a minimum, avoid moving the pipes and drainage if possible. Instead, you can refinish an outdated bathtub or install liners over your shower or tub.

What Costs the Most in a Bathroom Remodel?

The tub or shower unit is typically the most pricey component of a renovated bathroom. 

Whether you need a full bathroom renovation or a small work, Cheap Plumber is available to help you with everything from a comprehensive plumbing bathroom makeover to installing a single bathtub. Contact us today!