Kitchen Sink Installation

kitchen sink installation toronto

Your kitchen sink plays a central role in keeping your kitchen clean during food preparation. Therefore, it is important that the sink function optimally round the clock to avoid inconveniences. A new kitchen sink installation is not a complicated process. Furthermore, it does not require a lot of time, as a kitchen sink installation usually takes a single day. Therefore, if you ever need a kitchen sink installation service, you want to call an expert plumber to get the job done.

Signs That You Need a New Kitchen Sink Installation

Several indicators will inform you when you are ready to do a new kitchen sink installation. You should know that a kitchen sink replacement is not the solution to all kitchen sink problems. At times, all you need is a couple of fixes here and there, and you are good to go. However, you may need the kitchen sink replacement contractors when you see the following signs:

  • The drainage process is slow even when trying remedies like drain cleaning agents.
  • The drain line develops leakages, and a whole section of the line looks damaged.
  • A foul smell comes from your kitchen, and it does not go away even when you do your best to remove it.

DIY Installation of Kitchen Sink vs. Professional Help

When planning to do a kitchen sink installation in Toronto, you are often confronted with two options. You either do it yourself and avoid a single kitchen sink installation cost or hire a professional plumber to do the job. DIY installations are usually an affordable choice. However, they require you to have some rich experience and skills if you are going to do a clean job. Any mistakes like ill-fitted drains or a loosely fitted kitchen sink can cause problems like leakages, among others. However, if you choose the services of an experienced professional plumber, they ensure proper installations and connections between the drains. A professional plumber also ensures they let the sink sit evenly on your countertop and leave no gaps in between.

Kitchen Sink Installation Cost

The labor cost to install a kitchen sink and faucet usually varies considerably. That’s because it depends on the homeowner’s taste which often impacts the overall installation cost. A new kitchen sink can cost anywhere between $120 and $1500.

A new kitchen installation can cost from $300 to $800. However, that depends on the cost of labor required. Another factor determining the cost is whether the property is a house or a condo.

If you plan to relocate your kitchen sink or set up a double kitchen sink, then installing a new drain line increases the plumbing installation cost by almost one-third.

The installation costs are the same for farmhouse, undermount, or drop-in sink. The company puts your countertop that usually installs the undermount sink, though. After a day, the plumbers do a process similar to installation by hooking up your sink to the drain line and water.

However, if you would like to have a spray nozzle or garbage disposal attached to a new faucet or sink, you may need to factor in additional charges to the total.

Kitchen Sink Installation Prices from Cheap Plumber

Installation of Kitchen Sinks Or Hook Up To Drains in Condos With Copper Piping (Condo)- $495

Installation of Double Kitchen Sink Or Hook Up To Drains (ABS Black Piping)(Not Condo) – $445

Installation of Kitchen Sinks Or Hook Up To Drains (ABS Black Piping)– $395 Not Condo and $400 Condo

Installation of Kitchen Sinks with Gray XFR Or PVC Piping (Condo)- $495