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Installation of Toilets in Toronto

Cheap Plumber Price for Toilet Installations is $220 

VS Regular Toronto Price for Toilet Installations $28

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*the price is right for 2pc Toilet Installation (not Condo)

Most people don’t pay much mind to the toilet and some even ignore any minor repairs and maintenance it requires. However, when the toilet stops working, most people panic and call the plumber immediately. Toilets are built to last but they do have a limited lifespan and have to be replaced eventually. This must be done by a professional or someone with considerable experience with toilet installations.

Signs that You Need a New Toilet

If your toilet is due to be replaced, it’s not a good idea to delay the job, because a malfunctioning toilet can cause a number of problems like floods, sewer backups, water damage, and other such problems. Here are some signs that you need to watch out for if you want to keep toilet disasters at bay:

  • Old Toilets – Modern toilets are resilient, efficient, and can help preserve water. That’s not the case with toilets that were manufactured before 1960s. These are more prone to cracks and damages and use more water during the flush, which leads to wastage. If you have an old toilet that was manufactured before 1960s, you need to replace it promptly.
  • Wobbles and Movements – Your toilet should be solidly anchored to the floor and shouldn’t wobble or move. This problem is commonly caused by poor installation, a damaged wax ring, damaged subfloor, etc. If you feel your toilet moving when you use it, you should call your plumber immediately.
  • Cracks and Damages – Toilets are carefully constructed to function properly and even the smallest cracks and damages can compromise the function, cause leaks, and water damage. If you spot a crack, you should call a plumber immediately for repairs or replacements.

Toilet Installation Costs

The toilet installation costs vary based on the type of toilets you choose and the condition of the existing plumbing. The toilet bowl prices can range from $125 to $6,500 based on the brand and style of the toilet you choose. The installation costs of most toilets remain the same unless something unexpected happens and plumbers need to perform urgent repairs to install your new toilet properly.

Basic toilet installations can cost around $300 but you might have to pay anywhere between $350 to $800 based on the condition of the bathroom plumbing, the plumber, and your location in Toronto. Toilet installation isn’t a DIY project so you need to call in a professional to handle the task.

Toilet Installation Prices from Cheap Plumber

  • Cheap Plumber Price for Installing 2pc Toilet $220 (Not Condo) and $250 in Condo VS Regular Toronto Price for Installing 2pc Toilet $280
  • Cheap Plumber Price for Installing 1pc Toilet$270 and $300 in Condo VS Regular Toronto Price for Installing 1pc Toilet $300
  • Cheap Plumber Price for Installation of Skirted Toilets (Not Condo) is $380  VS Regular Toronto Price for Installation of Skirted Toilets $420
  • Cheap Plumber Price for Installing Skirted Toilets (Condo) is $450 VS Regular Toronto Price for Installing Skirted Toilets in Condos $550

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