Installation of Shower Panels, Shower Jets, Shower Liner 4’x5′

Installation of Shower PanelsCheap Plumber Price for Installation of Shower Pane – $750 and $950 in Condos

VS Regular Toronto Price for Installation of Shower Panels – $1000

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Shower panels are a great way to protect the wall from moisture and keep the humidity contained within the bathroom. They’re sheets of waterproof material that have to be installed on the walls surrounding a shower or bath, so you don’t have to waste time and money on tile installation. The wall will be seamless so you won’t have to deal with grout and related problems.

Signs that You Need to Replace Your Shower Panel 

Shower panels are easy to install and relatively affordable. They also offer a number of great benefits that can improve the condition and décor of your bathroom. Here are some signs, which indicate that you need to replace your shower panel:

  • There’s leakage in the walls surrounding the shower. While tile is a good material for bathroom walls, sometimes moisture can seep in through the grout and damage the wall behind the shower. In some homes, this damage is visible in rooms and hallways. If you spot such water damage, you should call in the professionals.
  • The bathroom walls look old and dull. A boring bathroom can easily ruin your mood for the day. Designers recommend that you keep this space bright and airy. Shower panels will help you transform the entire look of your bathroom at very little cost.

Installation Costs of Shower Panels 

As mentioned before, shower panels are quite affordable so you don’t have to strain your budget to install them in your home. Most plumbers will install ½ panels within $1,000 and this includes the cost of the panels, related materials, labor, and tools. Three of four panels can cost between $1,000 and $1,600. It will only take the plumbers 3-4 hours to complete the installation and these panels can fit into anyone’s budget.

There are many different types of shower panels available in the market. They come in bright and bold colors, natural stone and tile-like effect, and other such designs. Some premium design panels are more expensive than low-end materials; but the difference is marginal. For example, a single basic-style panel would cost around $300 while a premium material panel would cost around $400.

DIY Vs Professional Installation of Shower Panels 

These panels can be an easy DIY installation project if you have the right tools and skills, and are willing to sacrifice a few hours on your weekend to carry out the project. A professional will complete the shower installation quickly and offer warranties on their work. That’s worth the added expense.

Cheap Plumber Price for Installation of Shower Panels – $750 and $950 in Condos

VS Regular Toronto Price for Installation of Shower Panels – $1000

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Installation of Shower Jets

Installation of Shower Jets

Cheap Plumber Price for Installation of Shower Jets – $180 and $200 in Condos

VS Regular Toronto Price for Installation of Shower Jets – $250

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Shower jets can take your bathing experience to the next level. They’re very comfortable and relaxing, which is why they are some of the most popular types of shower installations in modern bathrooms. However, if you plan to install them, there are some considerations you need to keep in mind.

Shower Jets Installation Costs

 Shower jets are a little more expensive to set-up and install than a traditional shower because there are multiple heads that need adequate water supply to deliver the right amount of force. Until a few years ago, shower jets were quite expensive but a few affordable options are now available. You can find a full-body shower jet system for as low as $250 and as high as $4,000. It depends on your requirements and your budget.

Shower jets aren’t as easy to install as traditional showers so the installation costs are higher as well. The total cost of the installation would depend largely on the hourly rate of the plumber and the location. You should get a quote from a reliable plumber and look at all of the expenses involved. This would give you a good idea of what to expect, and plan your budget accordingly.

Shower Jet Installation DIY vs. Professional Help 

Body shower jet systems are more sophisticated and complicated than most people realize, especially those that have added features like color or aroma therapy. The installation process is very intricate and if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions properly, the system just simply won’t work well. A professional plumber will help you in a number of ways, including:

  • Recommend the best products to you-They’re familiar with all of the products available in the market and will know how they perform in real-life conditions. They’ll explain the merits of popular shower jet systems and help you choose the right one for your requirements.
  • Set-up your plumbing for smooth installation of the shower jets-They’ll add new pipes and connections wherever required to ensure the jets can be mounted in your shower. They’ll also install the electrical wiring to power the system if needed.
  • Meticulous installation of the shower jets-The plumbers will make sure the jets are properly installed and there’s no loose connection in the system. They’ll seal all of the joints carefully.

Professional plumbers will also provide a warranty on their installation so you can call them if the shower jets develop a problem.

Cheap Plumber Price for Installation of Shower Jets is $180 and $200 in Condos

VS Regular Toronto Price for Installation of Shower Jets $250

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Installation of Shower Liner 4'x5'

Cheap Plumber Price for Installation of Shower Liner 4’x5′ – $350 and $400 in Condos

VS Regular Toronto Price for Installation of Shower Liner 4’x5′ – $450

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Bathrooms and showers are a moisture-rich environment and this can lead to mold, water damage, and other such problems. While the bathroom installations are designed to withstand certain amounts of water, leakages and water damage can occur. One way to avoid this is to install a shower liner, above and below the shower. This will help protect the floors above and below the shower from excess moisture and you won’t have to deal with ugly water damage marks.

Signs that You Need to Replace the Shower Liner 

Some bathrooms don’t need shower liners, but most do, and that’s why experienced plumbers recommend it as a preventive measure to avoid damage and expensive repairs down the line. Here are a few signs that indicate you need a shower liner in your bathroom.

  • There’s water damage on the ceiling below, the walls in the space, and the floor above the bathroom.
  • Your shower floor is tiled but moisture can seep into the grout and cause water damage, especially if the floor isn’t installed properly.
  • The shower floor isn’t slanted enough to direct all water towards the drains. A liner will help you create the right level of slope to ensure the water drains properly.
  • Your bathroom smells moldy and musty even though there’s no visible trace of mold anywhere. The mold might exist in the floor or walls so you need to improve your waterproofing.

Shower Liner Installation Costs 

Shower liners are installed underneath the main flooring so the process is time-consuming and labor intensive. The installers need to be skilled enough to place the liner on the floor and ceiling of the shower without causing any damage the structure. The liners themselves are made from highly-effective waterproof materials so they can be a little expensive as well.

However, it’s worth the expense, because you won’t have to spend on expensive wall and floor repairs at a later date. You can expect to spend around $2,500 to $3,000 on the shower lining project and this usually includes the material and labor costs.

You should still get a quote from a reliable plumber and study the costs involved carefully before you plan your budget. Make sure the quote is all-inclusive in order to avoid hidden costs in the final invoice. An efficiently-installed shower liner will save you a lot of money so you should get it installed by a professional

Cheap Plumber Price for Installation of Shower Liner 4’x5′ – $350 and $400 in Condos

VS Regular Toronto Price for Installation of Shower Liner 4’x5′ – $450

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