Installation of a Bathtub Drop-In Jacuzzi

Bathtub Drop-In JacuzziCheap Plumber Price for Installation of a Bathtub Drop-In Jacuzzi – $1350

VS Regular Toronto Price for Installation of a Bathtub Drop-In Jacuzzi$1800

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If you have a spacious bathroom and some room in your renovation budget, you should consider the installation of a bathtub like a drop-in Jacuzzi for your home. It might seem like an indulgence at first but you’ll come to appreciate its presence after you spend several hours in a week soaking in warm water and enjoying the benefits of your new bathroom Jacuzzi.

DIY or a Professional Installation? 

Jacuzzis have very specific plumbing and installation requirements. Unless you’re a professional plumber yourself and have the experience and tools to handle the project, you should let the professionals handle the job for you. Professional plumbers in Toronto understand what’s involved in the installation process of a Jacuzzi bathtub. They’ll consider aspects like the following:

  • Any licenses and permits you might need to install the tub.
  • The clearance around the tub to allow room to move about in the bathroom.
  • The condition of the floor because it should be completely level if you want to install a bathtub on it.
  • They can work with both electricity and plumbing at the same time safely and without accidents.

Experts don’t recommend a DIY installation for Jacuzzi bathtubs because in addition to connecting the pipes, the Jacuzzi also needs an electrical connection to work. If you make a mistake and don’t properly seal and cover everything, then it can pose an electrocution risk.

Bathtub Drop-In Jacuzzi Installation Costs 

As mentioned before, the installation of Jacuzzis can be a little expensive. These features are specially designed and have several built-in features like water jets, heating systems, digital controls, etc. The more sophisticated and complex your Jacuzzi is, the more you’ll have to send on it. These tubs can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $14,000. It depends on the size, shape, and type of tub you choose for your bathroom.

Different plumbers have different rates for Jacuzzi bathtub installation. Most plumbers charge by the hour and have special rates for this job because Jacuzzi installation requires considerable amount of skill and experience. It’s also not a one-day project so you can expect the plumbers to charge anywhere between $1,350 and $3,000 for the installation. You should ask a reliable plumber for a quote and study the expenses involved carefully.

Your plumber will also help you choose the right Jacuzzi drop-in bathtub for your budget and requirements.

Cheap Plumber Price for Installation of a Bathtub Drop-In Jacuzzi – $1350

VS Regular Toronto Price for Installation of a Bathtub Drop-In Jacuzzi – $1800

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