Winter plumbing tips from Cheap Plumber Toronto

For a more comfortable and enjoyable winter this year, make sure to take care of all plumbing issues before the temperature cools down. With how harsh the winter can be, it is important to get these things taken care of before the cold even starts. This will help you steer clear of any expensive disasters that can happen. Winter brings on a lot of issues for homes. Many people have to deal with frozen pipes, leaks, broken radiators, and flooding are just a few of the problems on the long list of thing that can go wrong when you are a homeowner.

Lucky for you, there are a handful of thing that you can do for your home to help minimize the issues you can have with your plumbing. If you want your plumbing system to be in peak condition this winter, just follow these plumbing maintenance tips:

Prevent Frozen Pipes

If you allow water to freeze with a pipe, the water will expand, crack, and then burst. This is a very pricey problem to fix. Most of the time, you will experience a frozen pipe in higher areas, such as attics, garages, crawl spaces, and near the outside walls of the home. If you are making sure that your pipes stay heated, or even choosing to insulate your pipes, you can relax and know that your plumbing problems at bay.

Insulate Pipes

A common solution for the winter time worries, especially plumbing, is to insulate your pipes. This will prevent them from freezing. You can use foam padding sleeves or the other common method, which is tape guarding your pipes. Failure to successfully insulate your pipes will result in your plumbing fixtures to freeze, or even burst. It is not difficult to avoid frozen pipes, just be sure that you keep an eye on the pipes in your basement as the weather gets colder so that no ice or frost accumulates.

Careful in Your Kitchen

This tip can be considered common sense, but regardless, it is important to point out. Try not to pour any fats/oils down the drains. The result of this includes the fats/oils solidifying in your pipes and produce nasty clogs that can potentially create more issues.

Drain Your Water Heater

Many people live with the struggle of having hard water. Sediment builds up in your tank and causes rust on the inside. This is such an issue because the rust will end up in the water you drink, the water you cook with, and the water you shower with. You can clear out all that sediment that is built up inside by draining your water heater. If your water heater seems to be getting old and the rust is noticeably forming, then it might be time to purchase a new one before winter.

Clean-up Outside

A wise tip many do not think of is disconnecting their water hoses and storing until the springtime arrives. Doing this will prevent plumbing issues in winter. Water will freeze and expand, causing your faucets to freeze and expand as well. This could lead to needing underground drain repair in Toronto.

What If I Am Too Late?

Now, none of us like to think about it, but in case a major incident occurs, you must be prepared. For example, if a pipe were to freeze and burst, you would need to quickly turn off all the water in your home. It wouldn’t hurt to educate your family on where the main valve is to do so. You will almost always find the valve to shut off the water next to the water meter.

If you want to make sure that your home is winter ready, make sure you get more information from the professionals at Cheap Plumber Toronto.

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