Some Ideas for Recycling Water in Your Home

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Water is a limited resource and it’s important that each one of us makes an effort to conserve it especially in the household. Not only does this help the environment, but helps us reduce our bills too. Here are some ideas for recycling in your home:

1. Use shower buckets

This is likely one of the simplest ways to recycle water in your home. When you step into the shower, you tend to let the water run until it’s the right temperature. The next time you are warming up your shower, place a bucket under it till you are ready to get in. You’ll be surprised at the changes you end up accumulating. You can use this water to clean the shower area later.

2. Get a rain barrel installed

Harvesting rainwater is one more way to recycle it. Rain barrel installations can be quite simple. Just place the barrel under your gutter’s downspout; it will collect most of the water when it rains. You can store this it and use it for watering the lawn or cleaning the car etc.

3. Create a rain garden

A rain garden takes advantage of natural water runoff and helps nourish the plants that exist there. Standard gardens need to have cared regularity, but a rain garden is different. It’s built to reuse water that would otherwise just get channeled into the drains.

4. Save your pasta water

The next time you are making pasta for dinner; don’t pour all that precious water down the drains! Instead, just set the colander over a larger pot and collect it. Once it has cooled, use it for house plants or shrubs in the garden.

5. Save while washing vegetables

Washing veggies also use a lot of water that you can easily re-use. Place the colander over a larger pot and collect the water while you are washing the vegetables. You can use this accumulated water for flushing the toilet or watering potted plants.

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