Installation of Drop-In Bathtubs

Drop-In BathtubsCheap Plumber Price for Installation of Drop-In Bathtubs – $1350 and $2000 in Condo

VS Regular Toronto Price for Installation of Drop-In Bathtubs – $1500

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The drop-in bathtub is similar to an alcove bathtub when it comes to installation and appearance. But unlike the alcove design, you’re not boxed in when you bathe in the drop-in tub so you have more room to move. Drop-in bathtubs have become very popular recently because they look contemporary and are very versatile.

Signs that You Need an Installation of a Drop-in Bathtub 

It’s important to choose a bathtub based on your bathroom size and design because you need to maintain easy flow of movement. If you don’t plan well, your bathtub will become an obstacle and cause accidents. You just need to make sure there’s enough floor space to support the tub so you can move around it freely.

Installation of a Bathtub Drop-in Costs 

These bathtubs are quite affordable in comparison to freestanding bathtubs. The only difference between the alcove bathtub and the drop-in one is the installation cost and process. The actual bathtub will only cost about $600 to $700 so if you just want to replace any old drop-in tub, you don’t have to worry about the cost of the installation of a drop-in bathtub. This tub is easily replaceable, especially if you install a standard-sized one in your bathroom.

DIY Installation of Bathtub Drop-in vs. Professional Help 

Unless you’re an experienced DIYer, it’s wise to leave bathtub installations to the professionals. That’s especially true if you have to install the tub from scratch and need to build a platform to place it on. These tubs come with their own rim and can be lifted off or placed in a freestanding platform.

You’ll need to build a peninsula or a deck in a good location, add all the required plumbing, and then drop the tub into the platform. To complete this installation, you need carpentry tools, wood, plumbing tools, and enough skill in both fields. A professional will have all the tools need to complete the installation and have enough experience to do it property.

They’ll make sure all the water supply and drain lines are connected properly and the joints are sealed well. The professional plumber will also offer a warranty on their installation so you won’t have to worry if your bathtub malfunctions. A professional installation of the drop-in bathtub will also be done quickly so you can use your bathroom sooner.  If you have any questions about installing a drop-in bathtub in your home, contact a plumbing expert today.

Cheap Plumber Price for Installation of Drop-In Bathtubs – $1350 – $2000 in Condos

VS Regular Toronto Price for Installation of Drop-In Bathtubs – $1500

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