Drain Video Camera Inspection (Residential)

Drain Video Camera Inspection (Residential)

Cheap Plumber Price for Drain Video Camera Inspection (Residential) – $350 and $395 per branch in Condos

VS Regular Toronto Price for Drain Video Camera Inspection (Residential) – $450

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Drains are usually hidden behind walls and under the ground so it’s not easy to determine what’s wrong with them when they stop working efficiently. Most plumbers will recommend solutions based on guesswork and assumptions and sometimes that works well. An experienced plumber will be able to accurately diagnose a problem without having to dig and inspect the pipe physically. However, if they guess wrong, you’ll have spent hundreds of dollars on repairs that you didn’t need. The best way to avoid this is to carry out a video camera inspection.

Signs that You Need a Video Camera Inspection 

Most modern plumbers and plumbing companies have sophisticated sewer and drain cameras that inspect the entire line. The camera will crawl through the pipe and send a live feed to the display above the ground. This will allow the plumbers to examine every corner of the line and determine its condition accurately. Here are some signs that suggest you need a video camera inspection:

  • The Ground Above the Drain Line is Soggy – If the ground above the drain line is soggy, there’s definitely a problem with your sewer system and you need to inspect it thoroughly. This is a sign of cracks or pipe collapse so traditional drain clearing methods won’t work.
  • No Drain Unblocking and Repairs Are Effective – If your drain is still clogged and causes problems after several attempts to correct the issue, you need a more thorough inspection to understand the problem. Sewer videos are the best solution for this problem because it’ll inspect your system completely and identify all of the problems with it.

Cost of Video Camera Inspection in Toronto 

Most people hesitate to use this service because they don’t want to spend money on top of the cost of repairs. Expert plumbers recommend you get the lines inspected because it would help you avoid needless repairs. For example, you won’t spend $100 to $120 on snake drain cleaning if you know your drain line has collapsed and needs to be replaced.

This inspection will cost you around $90 to $120 in Toronto though a few plumbers might charge less or more. If you find that your drain has a clog, you can combine the inspection service with the drain cleaning service. This might not cost you more than $160 to $200 based on the plumber you choose.

Cheap Plumber Price for Drain Video Camera Inspection (Residential) is $350 and $395 per branch in Condos

VS Regular Toronto Price for Drain Video Camera Inspection (Residential) $450

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