How to Unclog Drains - 3 Easy Tips

How to Unclog Drains – 3 Easy Tips

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If your drain becomes slow, makes odd noises, emits an odor, or doesn’t perform as it should, you might have a clog. Catching the problem early can help you resolve it without professional help.  Some DIY techniques can help loosen these blockages and they are mentioned in this article. If these solutions don’t work, contact us at Cheap Plumber. We can handle unclogging main drains through accessible cleanouts or access the pipe directly for repairs.

  1. Flush with hot water 

Boiling hot water will melt grease, oil, or wax holding the clog together, clearing your drain quickly. Boil a substantial amount of water and pour it down the drain in steps to get good results. Wait about 10 seconds between every pour so water melts everything effectively. Keep flushing the drain until it clears. You can use this process to clean the drains and avoid clogs too.

  1. Use caustic soda 

Caustic soda or Sodium Hydroxide is a chemical agent effective against clogged drains. You can find it at your local hardware store at a reasonable price. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Mix three cups of caustic soda with about ¾ gallons of hot water.
  • Once the solution is hot and bubbling, pour it down the clogged drain.
  • Leave this solution in for 20 – 30 minutes. Don’t use your drain during this process.
  • Flush it with boiling hot water twice to get rid of lingering debris. Repeat this process. 
  1. Use a drain snake 

A drain snake can remove stubborn clogs formed by scum, grease, hair and other such debris. Buy an appropriately sized snake from your local hardware store to get the best results. Feed the snake wire into your drain and keep going until you encounter clogs. You will feel a resistance as the snake wire won’t move further. After you encounter a clog, twist the auger around 4-5 times until its tip passes through and you don’t feel resistance. Pull the auger out to clear your drain. 

Clogs in the main drain lines can stall your entire plumbing system. They’re caused by factors like excessive debris, sewer line collapse, tree root invasion, etc. These lines aren’t easily accessible so clearing the clog can be tricky. Unclogging main drains through accessible cleanouts is the easiest and quickest way to handle deep clogs.

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