Sump Pump Installation

Sump Pump Installation and Inspection Costs

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Sump pumps are vital elements to those who are lucky enough to have subterranean spaces in their home. These spaces often serve as an extension of our living areas, or serve a special purpose outside of the normal function of the home. Whatever you use this space for, keeping it properly conditioned and dry is incredibly important. The waterproofing of your basement has already been covered previously, but a sump pump is a special system in and of itself that will act as a fail safe should anything malfunction.

Sump Pump Installation

Sump pump quite literally means to “pump” or move a substance from or out of a low point, or “sump.” The use of a sump pump will help prevent such tragedies as basement flooding from a heavy rain storm that may come and saturate the ground. The installation process is pretty straightforward, but it can be tedious for the person doing the installation.

The drain installation for the sump pump in particular requires a few steps in order to be done properly. After using a level to find the lowest point in your space, you’ll need to determine a drainage line and dig a pit for the pump to sit in. This will be an involved process that will likely involved needing a jackhammer. After you have a pit, you will need to line the area  and lay the PVC piping for drainage. A good idea is to use a diverter to ensure the water is deposited a safe distance from the house. Lastly, you drop the pump into position, and test that everything is working correctly. The average cost of installing a sump pump in Canada is $732.

Sump Pump Inspection

Regular sump pump inspections are critical. A responsible frequency to check your pump yourself would be once a month, with a professional coming in quarterly. A more thorough yearly exam is also a good idea according to  In the annual exam, the plumbers or sump pump professionals will inspect the pump, the drainage, the alarm, and the pit, as well as the discharge location.

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