Save Money Repairing Sewer Lines With Trenchless Technology

Save Money Repairing Sewer Lines With Trenchless Technology

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If you needed a sewer line repair done 30 years ago, it meant destroying your yard. For those of us who spend valuable time and money to get the yard looking great, this was heart-wrenching. Thankfully, new repair techniques and modern plumbing technology have made that a thing of the past. Trenchless sewer line repair eliminates the need to dig up your yard and destroy the landscaping.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair at a Glance:

  • None or minimal digging required
  • The line is repaired using quick-setting resin
  • Project completed in as little as a day
  • You save money, and your yard stays looking good

How Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Works

This new method of sewer line repair is a rather simple process for the professionals trained in doing it. Much easier than the old way of tearing apart every inch of a pipe by hand. The plumber first uses a small camera to perform a video inspection of your sewer lines. The camera allows you to identify where the problem is. They then clear the pipe by using a water jet and a pipe snake to ensure it is empty.

A new liner for your existing pipe is placed into the problematic one and then sits to cure into place. This new liner, called CIPP, is made of resin. It quickly hardens, therefore replacing the damaged pipe it was placed inside. Using this trenchless sewer line repair only requires access to one point of the line rather than the entire length of pipe, eliminating the need for digging and ruining your yard.

How Long Does it Take?

Thanks to the quick-hardening properties of the resin CIPP pipe, the trenchless sewer repair process is quite rapid. The method used to take many days and involved digging up your yard to access the sewer line. Now, with none or minimal digging, the process takes much less time. In fact, it can take as little as one day from start to finish.

The Cost of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Although the use of technology usually makes things more expensive, the opposite is true for trenchless sewer repair. Since CIPP is cheaper than replacing and refitting your entire sewer line, the upfront costs are low. Then, you avoid the cost of having to hire a landscaper to fix your yard that was destroyed by the digging. Overall, the cost of trenchless sewer repair is much less than the use of traditional methods.

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