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Trenchless Drain Repair: Relining VS Pipe Burst

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Deep and big drain clogs are time-consuming and complicated. There are many repair or replacement solutions available to you so it’s not easy to decide which one is best. Clients need to choose between traditional or trenchless option. If they select trenchless, you must determine what kind of underground trenchless drain repair is needed; relining or pipe burst. At Cheap Plumbers, we understand both of these options well and can explain them to you. Here’s a brief look at both of these options to help you make a good decision:

What is Pipe Relining?

During the relining process, we soak a special mesh fabric in a resin solution before pushing it through a damaged pipe. Once the fabric is inside and in the correct position, hot air is pushed into the mesh fabric, inflating and curing it in place. The epoxy resin bonds with your drain pipe’s old structure, strengthening it without bursting it.

This solution is safe to use in almost all kinds of pipes and drains including PVC, clay, or cast iron. Most brands will offer a 10-year warranty, though the lining can last longer with good maintenance.

What is Pipe Bursting?

This is also an effective way to replace a pipe completely. It doesn’t line an old structure, but removes it and adds a new one in its place. A small hammer-like apparatus burst the existing pipe while traveling through it while pulling a replacement pipe in place. This technique requires a little more excavation at the start and end of a pipe section.

Pipe bursting also moves surrounding ground so any infrastructure like roads, patios, etc., might become damaged because of it. This technique doesn’t work in all situations, which is why plumbers examine your situation carefully before deciding whether this is the right underground trenchless drain repair option for you.

Which Option is Better?

This largely depends on the condition of your pipe. If it is just cracked and needs structural reinforcement, pipe relining is a good choice. If the pipe has collapsed, you might need pipe bursting to get good results. A thorough video examination can reveal your pipe’s condition in detail, which helps our plumbers recommend effective solutions to problems. Sometimes, neither of these options work; at times such as these, traditional trench replacement is the only effective solution.

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