Using a Snake to Unclog a Tub

Using a Snake to Unclog a Tub in TorontoCheap Plumber Price for Using a Snake to Unclog a Tub – $195 and $220 in Condos

VS Regular Toronto Price for Using a Snake to Unclog a Tub – $300

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Soap, shampoo, hair, conditioner, dead skin cells, and other such things regularly travel through the tub drains. Every time you bathe, a large amount of debris is flushed down these drains and eventually these items pile up and cause bad clogs in the tubs. Bathtubs and shower clogs don’t occur as often as kitchen sinks clogs, but if you’re careless and don’t clean the drains regularly; you’ll face the problem at some point or another.

Snake Tub Drain Cleaning Costs 

If you have a big clog in your drains, you should call in the professionals to handle the problem because the blockage will keep reoccurring if it’s not cleared completely. Most people are hesitant to hire a professional to handle drain clearing because there are several DIY and over-the-counter solutions available in the market. Unfortunately, these solutions aren’t as effective.

Some plumbers will use chemicals and drain-cleaning solutions to clear the clogs and these work well on small blocks. However, if there’s a severe clog, plumbers will use power drain snake machine, which is a specially designed tool to completely clear drain blockages. This machine will effectively remove soap build-up, clumps of hair, and other such materials from the drain and clear it completely.

The cost of this service depends largely on the plumber you hire or where you live. In Toronto, most plumbers will charge around $120 to $140 for the job. This cost can be higher if there are multiple clogs or clogs in different fixtures of your bathroom.

DIY or Professional Drain Cleaning? 

In many cases, DIY bathtub drain cleaning is somewhat effective as it will temporarily clear the blockage. However, most DIY solutions won’t be able to deal with accumulated clumps of soap and hair. Here are some reasons why hiring professional plumbers is a better option:

  • Plumbers will inspect your drain system and determine the true source of the clog. With DIY solutions, you’ll only be able to address the surface problems and deeper clogs will go unnoticed until other problems occur.
  • A drain snake will completely and thoroughly clear the drainpipe as it will physically remove all the stubborn clogging materials. This is one of the most effective ways to address drain blockages and it is best performed by professionals.

Plumbers will also take care to not damage your existing drain pipes, which is a concern with chemical drain cleaners.

Cheap Plumber Price for Using a Snake to Unclog a Tub – $195 and $220 in Condos

VS Regular Toronto Price for Using a Snake to Unclog a Tub – $300

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