Protect Your Foundation and Landscaping

Protect Your Foundation and Landscaping

Have you ever noticed that you have water pooling in your lawn or even around your foundation? If so, consider getting a catch basin installed or waterproofing in Toronto could be a great idea. Because standing water can destroy your landscaping as well as your home. Continue reading if you want to discover how catch basin systems work and why they’re a great addition to your Toronto home.

What Are Catch Basins?

A catch basin is essentially a concrete box installed under the ground closer to places in your yard where water seems to collect. The box features a high system to aid catch leaves as well as debris while paving the way for water to flow all the way to the bottom of the basin. There are drainage pipes at the bottom that further direct water to flow away from your home. Many basins can connect to create a subtle, subterranean drainage system in your yard.

Why Should You Install One?

Standing water can bring about a lot of property destruction as time goes on. If water is allowed to sit close to your foundation, it may seep into weaknesses in the wall and bring about the formation of cracks. Big puddles may drown your lawn and even hurt other landscaping. Standing water can even draw pests and as well promote mold and bacteria growth. A catch basin helps to prevent this damage by making sure that water is directed away from your property. 

How to Maintain Your Catch Basin?

Catch basins have to be regularly cleaned to eradicate any debris that falls inside of them, as buildup can stop water from easily flowing through the grate system. Just having a single basin is not going to be successful, you want to make sure that you actually have it working optimally. Also, yearly maintenance will aid in the detection of any clogs or cracks in the system that may need to be fixed so your catch basin can work as programmed.

Call The Professionals

If you want to install a catch basin or want to carry out maintenance in your existing one, Cheap Plumber Toronto can be of help if you do not know how to do it yourself. Give us a call today for a project estimate or fix a service appointment. We’ve been serving the greater Toronto areas and would be happy to help you with waterproofing in Toronto.